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Image by National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Four women selling fish.

Thanks to those of you who pointed out that this is Spanish Parade on the Spanish Arch side of the Claddagh in Galway City. That’s Claddagh Quay and Nimmo’s Pier in the background.

According to colman.rushe this photo is mentioned in Peadar O’Dowd’s book Down by the Claddagh, so I went off and got our copy of Down by the Claddagh (1993), and there indeed is this photo with the caption underneath:
"Bringing the fish to market: As this postcard (printed in Berlin) states, four Irish Fish Wifes make their way up along Long Walk to the fish market in front of the Spanish Arch or An PĆ³irse Caoch (the Blind Arch) as it was known then. (Courtesy Jimmy O’Connor)

Now, a bigger challenge would be to identify some of the women, and we have received very tentative information that these women may be Nonnie O’Donnell, Mary Rodgers, Kitty Conneely and a Mrs Gill, all from the Claddagh. Does that ring any bells?

Date: Circa 1905

NLI Ref.: Eas 4055