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Image from page 137 of “Radford’s practical barn plans : being a complete collection of practical, economical and common-sense plans of barns, out buildings and stock sheds” (1907)
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Title: Radford’s practical barn plans : being a complete collection of practical, economical and common-sense plans of barns, out buildings and stock sheds
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Authors: Radford, William A., 1865-
Subjects: Barns Architecture Farm buildings
Publisher: Chicago, Ill. : Radford Architectural Co.

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134 RADFORDS place in the usual manner The concretewall extends up to the floor level wherethe wood construction begins. The spacebetween the studding from the floor up tothe window sill level is also filled withconcrete after the walls have been sidedwith drop siding over a layer of thick tarpaper. After the concrete between thestudding has become hard metal lath areput in place on the interior face of stud-ding and over the concrete, which is thenplastered with cement mortar, making a PRACTICAL elevator boot for loading grain into thebins. This granary being located near thecenter of the barn is very convenient forfeeding the stock and adds to the exteriorappearance of the building. The basementof the granary is used for the storage ofroots for the stock and can be equippedwith a kettle for boiling and mi.xing foods,etc. The cow barn contains 57 cow stalls andarranged with a feed alley running

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cement wainscoting around the walls,which makes a perfectly sanitary barn.The concrete filled walls help greatly tokeep the barn warm in winter and cool insummer, as well as to stifi^en the structureagainst heavy winds. The granary is located at the center ofthe north side and contains eight largehopper bottom bins for the storage ofgrain and feed. The bottom of each binis connected with a spout leading to anelevator boot in the basement, which ele-vates the grain to a revolving head so thatthe grain can readily be transferred fromone bin to another or onto a truck or wag-ons. Some of the bins also have spoutswagon-bed height above the floor for feed-ing purposes. The main driveway of thebarn goes through this granary and con-tains a combination dumping scales witha hopper imder the floor spouted to the through the entire length with the man-gers on either side, so the cattle can beconveniently fed from a truck or a trolleytrack system suspended from the ceiling.The cows stand facing

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