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Image from page 102 of “Birds and nature in natural colors : being a scientific and popular treatise on four hundred birds of the United States and Canada” (1913)
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Identifier: birdsnatureinnat05chic
Title: Birds and nature in natural colors : being a scientific and popular treatise on four hundred birds of the United States and Canada
Year: 1913 (1910s)
Subjects: Birds — North America
Publisher: Chicago : A.W. Mumford, Publisher

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t of the Eagletruly befits the grandeur of the scene. Cradled on a beetling cliff and schooled inthe clouds, it is little wonder that the Eagle should have become for us the symbolof both prowess and aspiration. Even in captivity there is something awful abouthis piercing eye, and the unrest of the royal captive appeals to all that is chivalrousin our natures. But the reputation of the Eagle race, quite as in the case of our own, hasbeen made by a few individuals, and their feats are a revelation of the possibilitiesinherent in the breed rather than chapters from common life. Never shall Iforget the pained disappointment of my first Golden Eagles nest in the CascadeMountains of Washington. The situation was romantic enough—a ledge of rocksome three hundred and fifty feet uj) on the side of the gulch and seventy-fivefeet clear of the talus below. At the time of my first visit. May 18th. the ne.^tcontained two eaglets about six weeks old. Armed with a stout birchen staff I 834 o r^ re

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workctl my way over to a secure footiiij; witliin a doy.eii feet (jf the nest. Tlieremaininjj distance was a nasty bit of climbing, aiul I preferred to await the firstoiislaiifjht of tlie outraged parents where there w<juld be some chance for defense.Iudi^e! The fire-eatinj; binls aj^peared once or twice in tlie middle distance, butpaid no more attention to the peril of their offspring than as if I had been aMagpie, coveting the crumbs from the royal table. Three weeks later I revisited the nest and jnit the eaglets to llight. One ofthe old birds came up and superintended the gliding downfall of the least capablechild, but seeing her safely upon the ground immediately went away marmot-hunting in jKrfcct unconcern, if there is one bird above another of a gentle andunsuspecting nature, I judge the Golden F,agle to be that bird. lUit doubtless thisalso is a hasty generalization. On the cliffs of I^occne formation near I-ossil, Wyoming, I once located a(loldcn ICagles nest. The materia

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