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Chicago Near North Side
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Identifier: chicago00chatrich
Title: Chicago
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Chatfield-Taylor, H. C. (Hobart Chatfield), 1865-1945 Hornby, Lester George, b. 1882, ill
Subjects: Chicago (Ill.) — Description and travel Chicago (Ill.) — History
Publisher: Boston New York : Houghton Mifflin Co.

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d thesettlement worker. Within its area livesalmost one half of Chicagos population;yet scarcely more than a fifth of its in-habitants are of American-born parent-age. Counting those who were immi-grants themselves, or whose parents wereborn in a foreign land, the West Sidecontains a German city as large as Danzig,a Polish city the size of Posen, and a Bo-hemian city the size of Pilsen. It harbors,too, more men, women, and children ofRussian birth or parentage than are to befound in Nizhni-Novgorod, together withas many Italians as there are in Pisa, andas many Swedes as live in Helsingborg. 6S Chicago of Norwegians there are probably asmany as inhabit Trondhjem, and of theIrish more than the city of Londonderryhouses. Some thirty languages, moreover,are spoken in this vast melting-pot, wherescarcely more than a generation ago thecustoms, speech, and traditions of NewEngland were so firmly planted that theyseemed ineradicable. Michigan Boulevard at the Art Institute IV. The South Side

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IVTHE SOUTH SIDE ALTHOUGH the North Side is nowtheir abiding-place, many of ourfirst families lived until a decade or soago in houses of the South Side, whichhave either been altered into automobileshow-rooms, or display in their dingy win-dows the sign Rooms and Board. Theencroachments of business, however, ratherthan any fickleness on the part of its in-habitants, have altered the character ofthis once fair portion of the city, many aloyal South-Sider having dwelt in his oldhome near the lake until his light andair were diminished by giant buildings, orrouged denizens of the underworld be-came his neighbors. Only Hyde Park, a quondam suburb,has been able to withstand the incursions 69 Chicago of both industry and infamy. Being themost American portion of the city, it hasfought, back to the wall, with New Eng-land weapons, protective associations andlaw and order leagues having thus far pre-served its upright character. Containingthe only dry district in an otherwisewet town, Hyde Pa

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