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Image from page 430 of “Diseases of the dog and their treatment” (1911)
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Identifier: diseasesofdogthe00ml
Title: Diseases of the dog and their treatment
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Müller, Georg Alfred, 1851-1923 Glass, Alexander
Subjects: Horses Dogs — Diseases
Publisher: Chicago, Ill. : Alexander Eger

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for instance the bladder, loops of intestine, or theomentum. Cadeac found in a unilateral inguinal rupture the size ofa childs head on the right side, the entire intestinal tract and on theleft side the omentum, the spleen, uterus and the bladder. An 390 HERNIAL RUPTURE inguinal hernia in the l)itch if it is of any size is easily recognized (Fig.128). It is found in the posterior part of the mammary gland, an enlarge-ment varying in size, elastic, painless, with no increase of the local tem-perature. When the animal is placed on her back, it either returns toits normal position by natural gravitation or else it is reduced with verylittle manipulation. On the return of the contents of the hernial sac theabdominal ring is found to be very much dilated above normal. Inrare instances it may be found impossible to reduce the hernia entirely,and this is found to be due to certain adhesions of the abdominal contentsto the pouch or else to a pregnant uterus; in the latter case the fcBtus can

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Fig. 128.—Inguinal hernia of bitch. easily be detected by manipulation. In certain cases where there is adoubt as to the exact nature of an enlargement in the position of inguinalhernia, if it is the uterus in the sac, on introducing the finger into thevagina, that is found to be elongated and deviated to one side, due tothe stretching and weight of the uterus, and it is also found that it isimpossible to reach the os uteri with the end of the finger. In very rarecases when the round ligament of the uterus (false inguinal hernia) isgreatly hypertrophied, it might be possible to mistake it for inguinalhernia. (False inguinal hernia.) As a rule inguinal hernia in the bitchis rarely involved in strangulation, and if s^hc should be in whelp, shehas her puppies without trouble. A bitch affected with inguinal hernia nuist be carefully fed, avoiding UMBILICAL HERNIA 391 food that is hard to digest, or has a tendency to cause flatulence or to con-stipate. If it becomes necessary to remove t

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