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Image from page 290 of “Studies in reading; teacher’s manual” (1919)
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Identifier: studiesinreading00sear
Title: Studies in reading; teacher’s manual
Year: 1919 (1910s)
Authors: Searson, J. W. (James William), 1873-1927 Martin, George Ellsworth, 1872- joint author Tinley, Lucy Williams, joint author
Subjects: Reading (Elementary)
Publisher: Lincoln, Chicago The University publishing company

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Text Appearing Before Image:
Cut Christmas pictures from old catalogs and maga-zines. Make paper sleds by cutting the designs flat andfolding down the runners. Use yarn for rope. Draw and color the flag. Make a Lincoln booklet.Purchase tiny pictures of Lincoln for covers. Cut ordraw a log cabin. Make cuttings of soldiers. Makevalentines. Spring. Roll marbles from clay and dry them. Whenthey are hard, paint them with water colors and withshellac. The shellac will bring out the color, making themarbles shiny, and will also form a hard coat whichhelps to prevent their breaking. Now the children will need bags to hold the marbles.Cut from cotton cloth a piece about six inches by nineinches. Fold over and sew up the sides. Hem the topwith a wide hem and run a draw-string through. SEAT WORK 281

Text Appearing After Image:
To make kites, use construction paper about eightinches square, preferably light weight manila. Firstfold the paper on one diagonal line, then lay the oppositecorners on the diagonal line above the center so that theedges will lie on the diagonal fold. Cut eyes, nose, andmouth from black or colored cutting paper and pastethem on the front. Here is a legitimate use of the grotes-que, and the children will delight in making funnyfaces. Next fasten on the tail—a string about twelve incheslong. Tear strips of colored paper and tie them on the tail.With small children the easiest way is to tie a loop inthe string, slip in a scrap of paper and tighten the loop. Last of all, fasten the string to the back, tying thetwo loose corners together. Have the older boys showthe younger children other ways to make kites. 282 STUDIES IN READING

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