Bombay Spice Grill

Bombay Spice Grill Reviews

213 E Ohio St
Average Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (16 Reviews)

Review by Rachael T.
What’s the new name for these types of places? Fast-casual I think. Which frankly sounds a lot like quick-n-mediocre to my ears. I was expecting something…
Rating: 2

Review by Stella W.
I liked the place when they used to be in the old river north. They reconcepted and moved to this new location that it became an indian chipotle.

I wasn’t…
Rating: 3

Review by Shradha A.
Walked in at the insistence of the guy inside, who was persistent enough for me to walk away. One look at the food though, and nothing seemed too appetizing…
Rating: 3